Communications Branch

The Communications branch contains four committees: Digital Media, Marketing, Public Rerlations, and Internal Relations. This branch manages and maintains the overall face, brand, and perception of Women in Business in the Kelley School of Business and at Indiana University. These committees complete re-branding, website design, newsletter design, advertising, and social media utilization for the entire club, ensuring consistency of WIB's messaging through all channels.

Digital Media

The Digital Media Committee maintains the Women in Business brand across all online platforms. The committee updates the Women in Business website, manages content on all social media platforms, and finds new ways to promote Women in Business to the greater community.


The Marketing Committee creates a well-distinguished brand identity for Women in Business to promote throughout Indiana University. The committee designs and distributes marketing materials for internal use and for promoting the organization on campus and on social media.

Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee informs the public of Women in Business accomplishments, events, and opportunities. By sending a monthly newsletter and updating the Women in Business blog, the committee further maintains a relationship with corporate partners, alumni, and other community organizations.

Internal Relations

The Internal Relations Committee focuses on keeping the organization and its members accountable, informed, and scheduled. The committee accomplishes this through managing event attendance, sending weekly update emails, and coordinating the reservation of rooms and scheduling of events.