Membership Branch

The Membership Branch is the internal core of our organization. Five committees work together to uphold WIB's goals and values by recruiting, retaining, and developing the best members. The Membership Branch sets a positive, inspirational tone for the entire organization and builds a sense of community through personal development and social bonding.

Human Resources

In charge of coordinating all activities related to membership selection (interviewing and recruiting) and developing new members through the new member Buddy (mentor) program, the Human Resources committee is vital to our organization's maintenance and development.


The Social Committee plans events that incorporate both networking skills and social skills for WIB members through bi-monthly events that facilitate camaraderie in a fun and creative manner.

Personal Development

The Internal Relations Committee monitors member attendance, helps committees set and align with their goals, and facilitate member appreciation activities such as Member Spotlights, Senior Recognition, and other creative events to keep members engaged and motivated in the organization.