Membership Branch

The Membership Branch is the internal core of our organization. Four committees work together to uphold WIB's goals and values by recruiting, retaining, and developing the best members. The Membership Branch sets a positive, inspirational tone for the entire organization and builds a sense of community through personal development and social bonding.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Committee maintains the culture and membership of Women in Business in formal and informal ways. Formally, the committee manages the full recruiting process of new members by promoting the organization to underclassmen, hosting pre-recruiting events, reading candidate applications, interviewing candidates, and officially selecting candidates for membership. Informally, the committee helps new members become acclimated to the organization and their roles, and looks for ways to improve the organization and increase member engagement.


The Social Committee plans events for Women in Business members to informally network with one another in a fun and creative manner. The committee plans and facilitates the annual all member retreat, the end of year banquet, as well as other informal events throughout the semester.

Personal Development

The Personal Development Committee provides opportunities for Women in Business members to develop themselves personally, through promoting mental and physical health, self-awareness, mindfulness, and confidence. This committee organizes events such as book clubs, journaling initiatives, and public speaking practice to build upon these skills. By developing themselves personally, Women in Business members are equipped to tackle future personal and professional challenges.


The Mentorship Committee is in charge of cultivating mentorship relationships internally between Women in Business members and externally between the undergraduate Women in Business and the graduate MBA Kelley Women in Business. The committee develops official mentor and mentee pairs for both organizations, and hosts events for mentor and mentee pairs to network and support one another.