Our Mission: Make Your Mark

Women in Business is an undergraduate organization dedicated to promoting the success of women pursuing careers in business while at Indiana University. Formed in 1981, Women in Business was intended to help guide women in advancing their business careers. The mission of our organization is to support and mentor women through new experiences and learning opportunities so they may succeed in their professional and personal endeavors.

Our organization is comprised of approximately 90 members. Each member is a strong student leader with specific responsibilities to the organization. The members of Women in Business...

  • Possess intellectual curiosity and the drive to develop themselves personally and professionally
  • Pursue their passions and support the passions of those around them
  • Promote the success of others by collaborating with teams and empowering women around them
  • Desire to grow their interpersonal and leadership skills to prepare for future careers

What We've Achieved

  • 76% of our members have GPAs over 3.50

  • 95% of members say they have grown in their leadership abilities

  • 83% of members say they found out about opportunities in Kelley they would not have known about otherwise

  • 89% of members say they have grown personally

  • 90% of senior members had paid internships after junior year

  • 90% of senior members had obtained a job before graduation

  • 60% of senior members attribute obtaining a full-time job offer to WIB

  • 61% of members agree that “networking through WIB has directly helped me to get an interview and/or internship/job offer”