Outreach Branch

The focus of the Outreach Branch is to foster partnerships and relationships with organizations outside of  Women in Business, on both a micro and macro scale. Our partnerships start at the Kelley School of Business, at Indiana University, and in the Bloomington Community, and extend to Women in Business initiatives across the United States, to each of our Alumnae members, and to larger-scale nonprofit organizations. The Outreach Branch is composed of four committees- Alumni Relations, Kelley Relations, Social Responsibility, and Diversity Initiatives—each of which plays a distinct role in the development and maintenance of these different partnerships.

Kelley Relations

Kelley Relations' goal is to maintain a positive brand image of WIB throughout the Kelley Community. We also work on enhancing WIB's relationships with other Kelley organizations by attending their events and planning activities together, especially the annual Mr. & Ms. Kelley Competition. This committee is also the Kelley Student Government Delegate, meaning we serve as a liaison between KSG and WIB.

Diversity Initiatives

The Diversity Committee engages WIB members in discussions on diversity and is also responsible for creating partnerships between WIB and other diversity-rich populations in the business school, the IU Community, and beyond.

Social Responsibility

Responsible for providing support to different charitable organizations in Bloomington and ensuring that WIB stays connected to the larger Bloomington community, the Social Responsibility Committee plans service projects, fundraisers, and speaking events that teach the women in our organization about social responsibility in the business world and provide them with a way to give back to different charities.

Alumni Relations

The Alumni Relations committee seeks to maintain and develop connections with Women in Business alumni and other female Kelley School graduates in order to create professional and personal mentor relationships for our members to have as valuable resource.