Why Join WIB?

Members of Women in Business share similar goals, values, and visions yet have unique personal backgrounds and experiences. Members form new relationships that help them set and acheive goals, both in and out of the classroom. The benefits of WIB evolve as members go through compeleting thier education, searching for a job, and launching their career. However, some of the best benefits of joining WIB include:

  1. Developing Professional Skills: WIB involvement allows students to gain a competitive advantage in professional networking and career development settings. Together, members work to gain and refine communication skills, analytical abilities, problem-solving skills, and teamwork experiences.
  2. Gaining a Campus Connection: Many WIB members become close friends and find academic and social support from our strong network of peers. Our organization also helps members fully utilize campus resources, as well as guide them to become better student leaders.
  3. Achieving Personal Growth: Above all, WIB is an organization that seeks to help members become confident and capable business leaders. Members share business values such as honesty, a strong work ethic, dependability, loyalty, and a willingness to learn. Joining WIB is an excellent way to embrace, enhance, and showcase your professional values.


Women in Business seeks highly-motivated freshmen and sophomores with a passion for business. We have officially closed the application for 2017-2018 school year. Please check back next fall for more information about joining our organization!