Wibber Abroad Spotlight: Alex Corgiat in Copenhagen

1. Most shocking cultural difference you have run into? 

"The Danes are really quiet people and I am not… So when I’m on public transportation and going out to dinner, I always have to remind myself to be a little quieter or I find myself being the loudest person in the room."

2. What is one of the silliest touristy moments you have had?

"Definitely the first time I went biking around Copenhagen. Me and my roommate rented a bike for the semester and we were biking during rush hour and it was scary and hilarious. Everyone was passing us up and we were not using correct hand signals and possibly accidentally broke some laws. We earned a couple dirty looks. But now that I have learned the ways of the road and feel much more comfortable, it’s hilarious looking back!"

3. Best food you have eaten? 

"I’ve eaten so much its probably bad, but also incredible. I think the best thing was a pulled duck sandwich from Copenhagen’s street food market. I’ve had some amazing nutella crepes. I don’t think I’ve had a bad meal here yet!"

4. Favorite spontaneous adventure and what you did.

"The best adventure that I have had was going to a sauna in Finland with my class. Almost every house in Finland has a sauna but this was a retreat in a national park and we would be jumping in a frozen lake during the sauna experience. All the girls went full Finnish style (naked) and we jumped in a frozen lake and then ran back into the sauna and repeated it 10 more times! It was the craziest and coldest thing I’ve ever done."

5. Biggest takeaway so far from studying abroad?

"I think what I have taken away is the drive to push myself to do try something different. Here that is so easy. Whether it is as simple as trying a new restaurant or jumping in a frozen lake, I think almost every day I do something new. When I get back to Indiana, I am making it a goal of mine to try something new every week and hopefully more than once a week. I still haven’t visited the Kinsey museum or eaten at some of fourth street restaurants! It can be so easy to get into a routine and not have new experiences but thats what helps you grow as a person. That is my biggest take-away here!"