Taking Stock of What Matters Most

By: Simone Siew || 3/27/17

Among all the tests, the networking, the stress, when do you fit in time for yourself? How often do you carve out a space in your overflowing schedule to take a moment and reflect on everything that’s happening? If you’re like me, I tend to take on opportunities and say yes to trying new things, but I don’t as often pencil in time to contemplate all that I’m doing. I definitely consider myself to be a thoughtful and introspective person, however I never give myself an explicit opportunity to reflect on the whirlwind of things in my life. This revelation made me start wondering how often do I forget or overlook great things that have happened in my life. Because of this, I knew that I wanted to start taking stock of what matters most to me, and thus I began to journal.

Journaling is one of the most underrated activities that can bring positivity and health into your life. Writing down parts of your life has proven to boost memory, comprehension, and your emotional intelligence. Furthermore, journaling your favorite memories or your hardest struggles can be cathartic and healing. Everyone needs an outlet, and journaling can give you that.

WIB understands the importance of reflection, and we have even started including group journaling to build up the wellness of our members. Consistent journaling may seem like an arduous task, but we ask you to start small. You could write down your favorite memory of the day right before you go to sleep. At the start of each week, you could write down your short term goals. If you like efficiency and preciseness of lists, you can even keep a list journal. Journaling is a gratifying activity, and you might be surprised with how much you enjoy it.