Wibbers Give Thanks

By: Simone Siew || 11/18/2016

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on how grateful we are for everything in our lives, from the mundane to the extraordinary. Taking things for granted happens naturally when life barrels forward, but we ask you to use this Thanksgiving to take stock of your surroundings and be grateful.

We asked our wibbers to do the same, and when they were asked “What are you thankful for?” this is what they replied:

1.       “Thankful for the Gilmore Girls revival, a constant support system of friends and family wherever I go, Spotify, the chance to go abroad for a short amount of time this summer, and grilled cheese.” –Niveda Kumar, Sophomore

2.       “I'm thankful for the people who have inspired me, encouraged me, challenged me, and loved me over the past three years at IU. They have helped me become the person I am today and I'm so grateful that they'll be by my side as I continue to grow!” –Allie Newell, Senior

3.       “Thankful for the friends who support me regardless of what I'm going through and accept my ridiculous personality, a family that puts up with me no matter what, my dogs, Harry Potter marathons on ABC, and my Indian ethnicity/culture.” –Rhea Gajaria, Sophomore

4.       “The week I get to spend with my family.” – Kaileigh Pieroth, Sophomore

5.       “I’m thankful for my family, having good health and having the opportunity to pursue an education at Kelley and all the future opportunities to come!!” –Ahaana Shah, Freshman


6.       “I'm grateful for all of my past mistakes because of the important lessons I learned from them. I've never regretted failing - only not learning from failing.” –Jamie Baer, Senior

7.       “Oh man everything, don't get me started.....a supportive family whose strong sense of humors allows us to get through any obstacle, my friends who challenge me to think differently about almost everything, my strong, healthy body that gets me where I need to be physically and mentally, and that magic shell sauce that instantaneously hardens when put on ice cream.” –Sally Pearson, Sophomore

Chocolate Shell.jpg


8.       “I’m thankful for having the ability to take a comfortable week off, with endless amounts of love and food. So many people can’t afford a week like this and I’m truly grateful I can.” –Maggie Hopkins, Sophomore

9.       “I'm thankful for my loving, healthy family who I'm fortunate enough to visit for the holidays and eat lots of pumpkin pie with!” –Becky, Senior