A Summer in Review- The Internships

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Gabi Nonneman: August 24, 2017

Welcome back to the start of an incredible new school year. The leaves are changing, campus is bustling and our women are back to take on the world once again.

Many of our members had the opportunity to grow and develop in differentiating ways this summer. Whether it be through internships, community service, abroad education, volunteering or mentoring, our women have exceeded the expectations of those around them. They’ve come back this fall to tell their tales and share their wisdom. Here’s the low down on a few of the internships completed by our members.

This summer, WiB touched every industry under the globe. Whether it be Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Public Health, Science, Law, Sales, Insurance, we did it all. Shout out to all of our bronze, silver, gold or platinum sponsors who hired us this summer. You rock!

§  Simone Siew had the opportunity to intern for CEO Janet Foutty of Deloitte Consulting, all while enjoying every moment at Deloitte University and their array of fabulous desserts!

§  Megan Rohde worked in audit at KPMG in the Chicago office, but traveled throughout the summer for her different clients.

§  Camila Sanchez and Elli Ackermann both used those K204 skills to get through the summer at PwC in the Chicago office.

§  Kaileigh Pieroth and Sruthi Madhu teamed up to take on Grant Thorton, eating all the free froyo they could get.

§  Alex Frost finished her internship at Discover. I think it's safe to say were all a little excited to learn about credit card safety!

§  Gabi Nonneman worked for Levy Restaurants in the sales department for River Roast Chicago. Has your company booked a meeting there? They should!

§  President Julia Rubenstein finished her last internship experience at Ernst & Young and is returning full time next year upon graduation!

§  Niveda Kumar lent her talents to the marketing startup firm, Mabbly, this summer in Chicago. They have cold brew on tap... need I say anything more?

§  Madeline Preusse interned for IU Health this summer with a focus on a cause near and dear to her, Riley Hospital for Children.

§  Arlie Cobb had the pleasure of saving us 15% or more on car insurance by working for GEICO! The real question… did she get to wear the gecko suit? TBD...

§  Megan Morris worked for Zimmer Biomet, getting to witness how her medical products directly impacted people around the world.

§  Rachel Hershorin followed her passion for law as a legal intern for the Marion County Prosecutors Office, getting to sit in on a murder trial her first day on the job.

§  Caroline Saxon joined Southwest Airlines in Dallas, Texas, making sure to fly as many free miles as she could throughout the summer.

§  Courtney Helland worked as an assistant buying intern for ROSS Stores, all while getting to live in Southern California for the summer. Hello Sunshine!

Thank you to all the Wibbers who interned and shared their talents with the world this summer. You are changing the face of business each and every day. Stay tuned for our August newsletter to hear more about what our members are doing outside of the internship realm. You won't want to miss it!