How to Make the Most of Your Summer Break

Summer vacation is a time of learning, reflection, trying new things, and making the most of the three short months we have away from school. As business students, we are often told that the best use of our summer break is gaining an internship experience. While that is the most traditional way to spend the summer, particularly for those finishing their junior year, we wanted to highlight a few of our Wibbers who are making the most of their summer through more unique experiences. Through their experiences it's clear that it doesn’t matter the role you play, but rather what you do with the opportunities your given and how you can apply them to your future career.

Internships are an amazing way to gain experience into future careers and land your dream job. Whether you intern at a small business, consulting firm, private bank, advertising agency or anything in between, you truly gain exposure into the professional world that you will step into in a few short years. However, you do not need to have an internship to have a fulfilling summer. Take the time to attend conferences, get a part-time job, work on a passion project, brush up on technical skills, travel the world, and so much more.

Let’s take a quick look at what Wibbers have been up to this summer:


Our Prez, Kaileigh Pieroth, has been breaking the glass ceiling in the world of tech as an intern at Microsoft. From seeing Pitbull in concert to exploring the Microsoft campus, she has truly had an amazing ten weeks in Seattle.


WiB’s in-house world traveler, Ally McCoy, has explored Germany, Austria, and France. From cheering on Germany’s soccer team to making friends in Paris, she definitely had an international experience she won’t forget.



Gabi Nonneman is having a blast at PepsiCo as a sales intern. During her internship, not only has she made strides in understanding the company but also in understanding how Baja Blast and other drinks are made.


Libby Macdonald has taken full advantage of her summer to attend conferences at some of the best firms in the nation. From going to Deloitte (and receiving an internship offer for 2019!), PwC, KPMG, and EY, she has gained insight into different companies.


Camp counselor, Hannah Shoemaker, is living the adventurous life in Maine. Her co-workers are from countries all around the world, such as Australia, England, and Ireland. She has gained valuable leadership experience and had a rewarding summer.

IMG_7776 (2).PNG

Yogi, dancer, and international volunteer, Mikayla Geier, is in Rwanda working with a nonprofit organization to build a library. She has documented her summer through videos, in which she shows her encounters with locals and experiences living in a new country. (Check out some of her videos here)


These are just some of the Wibbers that have taken part in traditional and non-traditional summer activities. Remember, whatever you are doing this summer, make sure you are gaining skills and learning more about yourself.

As we wrap up the final two weeks of summer vacation, take some time to look back at the moments that made your summer stand out. Whether its volunteer work at a local nonprofit, travelling the world, working hard at an hourly job, or finally scoring that dream internship, find a few key points that you can use to describe how you’ve grown as a person. In the end, your summer boils down to how you explain and talk about it during interviews. Showcasing the activities you did and the skills you learned during interviews in a passionate, organized, and clear manner will help you as you search for next summer’s internship, job, and adventure.

Author: Ritika Mehta is a sophomore majoring in Finance and Business Analytics. She hopes to pursue a career within the financial services industry and is thankful for the community WIB has given her.