5 Things to do During Your First Semester at IU

You’ve moved everything you own into a 12x12 dorm room, attended all Welcome Week activities, and took the long trek to Hodge Hall for your first day of school. Now what?

1. Go to Class (actually…)

Sometimes it can be hard to wake up for that 8:00am Finite class or make it to your giant A100 lecture – but don’t forget the reason you’re at IU in the first place! It’s so important to go to class so you can stay focused, have a great education, and hear crucial announcements. Check out your syllabus so you are prepared for class every day.

2. Connect with Professors

Building relationships with professors will be very beneficial during your time here. Every professor has office hours where you can stop by to ask questions, share your thoughts, or get to know them outside of the classroom. Don’t wait until the end of the semester when you have a borderline grade – stop by and say hi in the first few weeks! This will make it easier to ask for help later in the semester when courses get difficult AND will definitely help you stand out in your HH2075 lecture hall.

3. Visit the UCSO

It’s not too early to stop by the UCSO (the Undergraduate Career Services Office) and see what it’s all about! During the first few weeks of school, they will have Open Hours for you to learn all about the awesome resources that they offer students. You can create your resume, meet with a career coach, or explore different internship opportunities.

4. Get Involved with an Organization

Whether it’s a professional organization, club sports team, or extracurricular activity, it’s so important to get involved. Not only will you grow your network and build your resume, but you will make lasting relationships, gain important skills, and have fun! During interviews, companies are not just interested in what you do in the classroom – they are eager to hear how you spend your free time! Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to try new things.

5. Make Friends in Your Classes

When weekend homework assignments and studying for exams come around, it will be great to have connections in your classes! Many classes involve group projects, and you will have to spend time with your peers outside of the classroom. These team meetings are always more enjoyable when you get along with your classmates. (Also, it doesn’t hurt to have someone to share notes with and sit by in class.)

Following these tips will help you navigate your first year. Welcome to IU!

Author: Maddie Preusse is a junior majoring in Marketing and Business Analytics. She is highly involved in WIB and IUDM and has a strong passion for helping others.